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Windows Live Writer Website Capture Plugin 1.1

Website Capture Plugin is used to take a screenshot of a web page
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There are times when you are writing reviews of a website on your blog or you want to comment on the design of a website, at that times it becomes mandatory to add a screenshot of that website in you post. But many a times, many of the bloggers switch back to third party softwares or use the Print Screen Command, to reduce this extra work you can download a simple plugin by Christopher Clark that goes by the name of Windows Live Writer Website Capture Plugin. As the name says it works with all versions of Windows Live Writer. All you have to do is download & install this plugin. Windows Live Writer automatically detects it & the plugin will be displayed in you plugin list. It is very very simple to use, just click on the plugin link in the sidebar, a text box will popup, enter the URL of the website you want to take screenshot off, that's it, just wait for some second & you will see the screen shot is automatically inserted within your post. There is also a option to adjust the size of the screenshot.

Vineet Sharma
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